『まちなかマップはAR画像(うちわ祭りなどの動画 山車の3D画面)などが体験できます。楽しんでください。また熊谷市の紹介を英語で聞くこともできます。







熊谷市は、上野駅から新幹線で約35分です。浅草まで1時間圏内の人口20万人規模の都市です。都心から1時間の熊谷市には、豊かな大地の恵みを素材としたおいしい食べ物、大きな空、広い大地、日本を代表する荒川・利根川の2大河川、広大な田園風景などの日本らしい景色とともに、国宝建築物「妻沼聖天山歓喜院聖天堂」など見どころ満載です。  また、熊谷市は、「小麦」の生産量が全国トップクラスの地域です。質の良い小麦と美味しい水にも恵まれ『うどん』は、美味しく多くの人に好まれ人気のある伝統料理です。日本中のうどんが集う『うどんサミット』の開催地にもなっています。  熊谷駅南口から徒歩数分で「荒川」と広大な河川敷が体験できます。春には、荒川堤防沿い等のさくらが咲き誇り『花見』を楽しむことができます。夏には、「熊谷うちわ祭」と「花火大会」などの伝統的な行事が催されます。この時時機には、数十万人規模の観光客で市内は活気にあふれ賑わいます。  熊谷市では、スポーツを楽しみ、選手を応援し、大会をサポートしています。熊谷市内では、野球、サッカー、ラグビー、陸上競技や室内競技など多種多様なスポーツが年間を通して行われており、「熊谷スポーツ文化公園」には年間100万人以上の方が訪れます。  「熊谷ラグビー場」では、“ラグビーワールドカップ2019”が2019年9月24日から3試合が開催されます。この機会に「ラグビータウン熊谷」にお越し頂き観戦してください。  熊谷市を訪れるすべての方に、熊谷市の魅力を味わって頂き、安全で快適な旅となる
Kumagaya City is approximately 35 minutes by Shinkansen from Ueno Station. Located within 1 hour to Asakusa, Kumagaya City has a population of approximately 200 thousand people. Kumagaya City, which is only 1 hour away from central Tokyo, is known for its delicious cuisines made with local ingredients produced in its nature rich land and is packed with several locations to visit including the national treasure building “Menuma Shodenzan Kangiin Shotendo”, as well as the 2 large rivers Arakawa River and Tone River that represent Japan, and vast views of unique Japanese rural landscapes.  The city is also known to have the highest production capacity of wheat in Japan. The UDON (wheat flour noodles) of Kumagaya, made with high-quality wheat and fine water of the region, is a tasty traditional cuisine that is popular among locals. It is also the region that hosts the “UDON Summit”, an event where UDON from all over Japan is gathered.  A brief walk from Kumagaya Station south exit, you can experience Arakawa River and vast river beds. In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom along locations including the Arakawa River embankment, and you can enjoy “HANAMI” there. In the summer, traditional events including the “Kumagaya Uchiwa Matsuri” and “Fireworks Festival” are hosted. Several hundreds of thousands of visitors gather for these events, and the city becomes lively with excitement.  A place where you can enjoy playing sports as well as cheering for your team, Kumagaya City supports various sporting events. Within the city, various sporting events including baseball, soccer, rugby, track and field events, and indoor sporting events are held throughout the year. Also, approximately 1 million people visit the “Kumagaya Sports Culture Park” annually.  3 rugby matches will be held for the “Rugby World Cup 2019” at “Kumagaya Rugby Stadium” on September 24, 2019. Please come visit and watch rugby at “Rugby Town Kumagaya” on this occasion.  We sincerely hope all our visitors enjoy the various attractions of Kumagaya City and have a safe and pleasant trip.  We hope you will find this map useful.  Information including shop and facility information on this map are as of February 2018. The published information is subject to change without prior notice. We apologize for the trouble, but please contact each store, etc. for their latest information.